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10.13.04 | 2:54 pm
Work is done, play has begun

Midsems are over for me! My exams are done, and weren't too bad, my papers turned in, and I am on break! Well, except for a lab tomorrow, that I don't have to go to if I am doing work for my project.

On Friday we are taking off for a week and taking my brother to the boundary waters. I have been watching weather up there, and it gets up to the high or mid 40's during the day, and down to not-quite-freezing. Rain is predicted, but we have plans to be very waterproofed. I am waterproofing my camera, and taking it with, and taking a knitting project. Which project has not been decided, since it much be very small and light, and not anything I need a pattern for. It will probably be the olive cotton socks that were put on hold.

Despite being a busy week, I did some knitting.

The yarn from Blackberry Ridge arrived, and is soft and springy and pretty colors.

On top is Autumn Oaks, Sierra Nevada in the middle, and Firecracker on the bottom.

I have something in the works with pooling colors, and it turns out to look so good!

Here is the skein unwound, and lined up according to where the colors are

That then gets knitted up and the work turned right at the spot where the color turns, which takes some fiddling.

But when you get it to work right, the colors all line up, and really show up much better. This is such a great colorway, I might have to do more with it. I love the pooling colors, too. I am using the Interweave pattern for the lace, but with this yarn I am not doing as many repeats.

With some of the other colors I think I will try buttercup lace, or something else that is a garter stitch lace.
And for mom, my haircut, which you will see in two days.

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