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02.26.06 | 7:49 pm
I made it!

Despite being very very busy, I did it. It totally helped that the socks were at a larger gauge. It also helped that I have three hours between classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays (very good knitting time at the coffee shop). I have mastered knitting, reading and taking notes at the same time.

Here is the toe of the first sock, grafted together.

I finished the toe of the first sock on Tuesday, so it was a little behind schedule, but it was also the first grafting I have done, and it went well.

I started the second sock immediately (not like I had anything else to do) and got almost all the way through the leg the same day because I got to stay home and knit in the evening.

By Thursday I had turned the other heel and could work on the foot.

It got a little hard to work on the sock because I worked at the climbing wall all day Saturday, and then the campaign was at the DFL straw poll and I worked there all night. We won, and I kept looking at my knitting, but shmoozed and persuaded my way through the evening.

Proof of one sock:

Proof of two socks:

I finished! It took a little time this evening to finish, and I had to re-learn how to graft the toe, but they are done!

Aren't the stripes great?

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