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01.20.06 | 9:32 pm
Kiri, Glen Orchy, and Olympics

I have some pictures of finished projects, or milestones. I knit a Kiri Shawl with koigu. I used five colors like the Charlotte's web shawls, but didn't get quite the same effect, though I do like it.

Unblocked, it was ugly, but it stretched out beautifully.

I would do it again using one color of koigu, and would get six skeins, but make it the same size. The last repeat ate up yarn so I couldn't make all the points, but I wear it scrunched up a bit anyway and you can't tell it is bound off straight.

It is on dowels blocking on an extra large bath towel. The dowels helped make a nice triangle.

I have also got some proof I am working on Glen Orchy. There is really a front and a back done as well as a sleeve. Sleeve number two got off to a rough start and will be redone.

Shedir, Rusty, and spinning will get up here soon. As well as some of my current projects (like the really cool Noro mittens).

Because grad school, working at a climbing wall, and taking on campaign work isn't quite enough pressure, I have added pressure to knitting. This is no new year's resolution to finish or retire all the projects around here, no long term gift knitting, or technically challenging cabled colorwork with lace panels. This is Olympic Knitting.

I am going for gold!

My plan is to take 604 yards of Kona Superwash from Henry's Attic, and divide it into two equal balls. One ball will go back to stash, and the other will be swatched for socks. (This is a DK weight yarn and knits bulky like Regia 6 ply sock yarn.) The length of yarn for one row of knitting will be calculated and a stripe pattern devised a la Eunny. Then the yarn will be wond around something really big (I am thinking warping board designed around upturned table and bench legs) and divided to dye stripes.

That can occur before the olympic flame is lit, and will probably be the easy part. The tough part will be knitting two socks in 16 days, since it usually takes me a year of on-again off-again knitting to actually make a pair. The gauge is a little chunkier than normal socks, so I am helping myself out a bit, but scoring extra points for (hopefully) making self-striping sock yarn all by myself.

So what colors should they be?

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