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02.19.06 | 8:02 pm
Heel Turned!

I forgot to renew my diaryland photo hosting, so I couldn't show the progress I was making on my Olympic Socks.

I have knit the heel flap:

Figured out the patterns to turn the heel and made it curvy:

And I am well on my way to the toes!

I am setting a good pace to complete the pair by the end of the olympics. I compared them to the sock my mother-in-law is knitting, and part of my success could be the bulky sock yarn, but it is knitting up really well.

The in-laws have been visiting for the weekend and brought the dogs. Della hasn't been too sure of them, but it is nice to have dogs around. We went to the the home design exhibit at the Weisman Art Museum, and there are some interesting ideas for affordable, green housing. My favorite was using one that used shipping containers, and there were a lot of really interesting ways to build a really interesting house affordably.

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